Think Sweet Valley High meets Gossip Girl. Audrey, a spoiled Upper East Sider who makes Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf look like Riverdale's Betty Cooper is forced to move to the suburbs with her mom and new fiancé. Audrey is determined to live back in Manhattan and be on top where she belongs, even if it means destroying her mom's relationship and her soon-to-be stepsister Paige in the process. Audrey knows she can do this with her eyes closed—until the night the big piece of her plan backfires and she and Paige are forced to cover up the night's events together.  

Five-year-old Piper loves to be perfect and thinks everyone and everything around her should be too.  When she meets Pete, a porcupine without quills, she is determined to help him look like all the  other porcupines.    She doesn’t plan on learning that making mistakes is okay and being perfect isn’t what matters in life.


Set in both the gritty urban fairy world of Artifexia and in New York City, the novel explores the experiences shared by many thirteen-year-old girls—friends family, and boy drama—coupled with thrilling action as Everley, the fairy leader, is kidnapped and only her human friend Payton can save her. Payton and her skeptical best friend, Reese, embark on the adventure of a lifetime along with Everley’s fairy friend Hunter and a mysterious outcast.  Things will never be the same for Payton as she is thrust into a dangerous fight against evil and the possible destruction of humanity’s imagination.



Michelle Archer